Better Support

Better Support

New car dealers can be a steady stream of business for you.

Delivery is the best time for installation because the surface of the vehicle is new and owners are eager to protect their investment.

We recognize that this is the peak sales opportunity for you and are providing a complete portfolio of dealer support materials. You can use these at dealers where you have an existing relationship.

Point of Sale

  • Self standing high-impact desk top display asking “Have You Seen This Video?”
  • Video to be put on sales and F&I desktop computers demonstrating the PPF’s resilience to sandblasting

Tent Card/ Hanger Tags

  • Great for advertising  PPF application on showroom vehicles or on-the-lot to demo attractiveness of product and boost sales!

Dealer Poster

  • For showroom or service area to motivate customers to protect their new vehicle purchase

Better Warranty

  • Industry-leading LIFETIME warranty boosts consumer confidence

With Nano-Fusion Protection, installers benefit from…